Typhoon TV Apk Not Working? Here are Top Easy Fixes to Try

Typhoon TV works well with the latest updates making it even more efficient. However, specific problems are being faced by the users, which can be resolved. Significant questions are about Why is Typhoon TV not working? Why typhoon tv has no data? We shall look into solutions for these errors now. 

Please pay attention while going through the number of answers available and choosing the right solution for your query. Kindly go through the further article for more detailed information. 

Typhoon TV not working

Why is Typhoon TV not working? 

There might be multiple reasons for your question; let us look into them. 

1. Restrictions from your mobile network service provider. 

2. Unstable Internet Connection. (Wi-Fi or mobile net) 

3. App Cache. 

4. Not Enough Space on your Mobile Phone or PC or TV for storage. 

5. ISP issues. 

6.Low security or privacy. 

How to Fix Typhoon TV Apk Not Working, No Data & Links Errors? 

It can be any issue mentioned above, but one needs to execute a few steps to avoid getting error messages, which we will discuss in the following blog article. 

 The Refresh time interval for the source files should be changed 

There’s a time limit set for resources to refresh for every precise time limit. Hence, sometimes the app needs some extended time interval to update the sources. Know how to do it below. 

  • Run Typhoon TV apk on your android mobile, PC, IOS, or TV devices.
  • Select Menu available on the top left corner of the app. 
  • Enroot the path to Settings under Others menu. 
  • Scroll down; you’ll find the default value as “10” under “Sources List Refresh Time Interval measured in seconds.”
  • As we know, it’s time to increase the time limit to “15” sec, which will give the app freedom to refresh comfortably. 

Clean the cache of Typhoon TV App 

  • Open the app on your desired device.
  • Select the main Menu to optimize settings. 
  • Go to the Settings option available on the list of other Menu. 


  • Scroll down to clear the cache of your app data.
  • Tap on it to clear the cache files. That’s it, done! 

 Set the Best VPN 

Vpn doesn’t only give you security but also protects your privacy from unknown resources stealing your identity. Also, it helps the app get resources privately through a medium of protection provided by the vpn tool. 

Typhhon tv not working vpn

There are multiple virtual private networks available but choose wisely among the best in the game. 

 Update Latest Typhoon TV APK

This is the first thing to check before you lookout for solutions to cause that’s the usual thing people forget to do. Upgrading the app to the latest version helps you solve no data problem. The app doesn’t provide resources for older versions; instead, it updates it in the new Updated Typhoon TV Apk version available. 

Hence, you cannot re-equip the app directly from the app store or something similar. Go through the download typhoon tv instructions available here for the newest version available. It also has an installation guide for the Typhoon TV app.   

Finally, the Typhoon TV app has provided an enormous amount of fun to its users by giving the best content. And all these small mistakes can now be avoided if you follow the different methods processed above. I hope this helps!   

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